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YCC U20 Boys

Superior A

Team Biography

We have 11 seniors, four juniors and five sophomores from ten different high schools around the Twin Cities. But, the number that matters the most to this team is 212. Water is very hot at 211 degrees, but one more degree and water BOILS at 212. When water boils it creates steam. Steam can power a locomotive. The boys and coaches on Superior strive to be one thing beyond all else – a great teammate with the mantra of 212! Give that ONE MORE DEGREE!


Let’s go DOOWWWNN on the fields of Minneapolis

Where the days are long from Summer Solstice

There lives a man in the murky mist

With ferocious defense, and a lust for the disc

He swings like a monkey and runs like a leopard on land

He’s a modern day ninja trained hand-to-hand.


He died one day in a bloody savage seven

Caught 120 hucks when he died that day

But his legend lives on through the Northern interior

Cause the bad mother’s back on…. SUPERIOR!


Minneapolis, MN