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Boston Brütesquad was founded eight years after the incomparable Kiss From a Rose by Seal was first released in 1994 and has been living in its shadow ever since. We are two time national champions (2015, 2016) and four time national finalists (2009, 2015, 2016, 2017) who pride ourselves on our gritty defense, attacking mentality and ability to find the joy and ridiculousness in our teammates.

Brütesquad is excited to be part of the conversation, action and change that is happening in our sport around gender equity. As athletes and as females, we are happy that our peers are starting to get the spotlight they deserve.

Brute is also pumped about bringing a double dose of butter as well as power, pleasure and pain into everything we do this season, and is striving to be the bright neon light that hits the gloom on the grey.


Boston, MA

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