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August 2-5, 2024 | Aurora, CO

Youth Club Championship U17

The U-17 division at the 2024 U.S. Open Youth Club Championships includes two gender divisions: U-17 boys and U-17 girls.


Admissions: The event is using a “Pay What You Can” model for admissions, rather than charging at the entrance or for “stadium” games. This model is intended to help keep the event affordable, based on people’s different financial circumstances, while also promoting the value of the event experience and the many programs and services USA Ultimate and our local host (Altitude Ultimate) provide the community. Spectators are asked to use the link below to pay their admissions fee before or during the event.

This fee is flexible, and we’ve provided the following suggestions as a framework to consider.

I can pay more = $20/day, $60/whole event

I can pay the regular rate = $15/day, $45/whole event

I can pay less = $10/day, $30/whole event

*Players and coaches are not expected to pay admissions.

All revenue from admissions fees goes towards funding USA Ultimate and Altitude Ultimate’s missions to grow and support the sport and the ultimate community. Thank you!

*SAFETY NOTE: Please avoid leaving valuables visible in vehicles and keep doors locked.