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YCC U20 Mixed


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“Youngin’s, there’s a need to layout

I said, youngin’s, this is what it’s about

I said, youngin’s, time to get up and shout

Let’s play frisbee at Y-C-C


Youngin’s, let us prove what we know

I said, youngin’s, let us put on a show

You can stay there, and I’m sure you will find

Many ways to have a good time


It’s fun to play with S-O-T-A


They have everything for the youth to enjoy

You can hang out and have the joys


It’s fun to play with S-O-T-A


Let’s play through the rain and hop on the break train

They’ll always remember our name


Youngin’s, are you listening to me?

I said, youngin’s, wanna go throw the frisbee?

I said, youngin’s, you can make real your dreams

But you gotta know this one thing


No one does it all by themselves

I said, youngin’s, put your pride on the shelf

And just go there, to the MinneSOTA

I’m sure they can play you today


It’s fun to play with S-O-T-A!


Minneapolis, MN