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2017 U.S. Open Championships: YCC Mixed – Saturday

By: Noah Robiner

Blaine, Minn. (Aug. 5, 2017) – The YCC U-20 mixed division got underway today with 14 teams competing in the three-day segment of the Youth Club Championships (YCC) tournament at the 2017 U.S. Open Club Championships. The division was divided into four pools, with the top two containing the eight highest-seeded teams slotted into power pools, allotting them an easier path through the championship bracket. Two rounds were played today in sunny, warm Blaine with only some mild wind to make things interesting for these young athletes.

The story of the day was Washington, D.C. Swing Vote, the number one seed and two-time defending champions going into the tournament. They went 0-2 on their first day, losing to Indiana INcognito on double-game point and Maine Rising Tide 11-15. Swing Vote seemed to be their own worst enemy today, not taking the smart shots or staying patient with the disc. They showed flashes of good downfield offensive flow but had trouble generating space and consistent timing.

Seattle Bankroll looked like perhaps the deepest team in the division with most players on their roster racking up a goal or assist. The Bay Area Happy Cows racked up one of the most decisive wins of the day in a game with only a handful of turns as they beat Cincinnati Notorious P.I.G. 15-2.

Each team still has a spot in the championship bracket, but some have made the path to the semis or finals much easier or harder based on how their play goes today. The big questions for today’s final pool play round and crossover games will be if Swing Vote can focus and notch a win over an undefeated Philadelphia Forge, what team or teams in the C and D pools will surprise and earn attention going into the championship bracket, and the simple toss up questions of who will win between the deep Seattle squad and clean and crisp second-seeded Happy Cows.