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Triangle Warhawks, Cincinnati Belle Claim Girls’ Division Titles at YCC 2018


Cincinnati Baby Belle is your U-17 girls’ champions!

Baby Belle started their day off in the semifinals against Portland, Maine’s Rip Tide. We saw some great flow from Baby Belle, who obviously trusted their handlers and had no fear of swinging the disc until they were able to find opportunities to break Rip Tide’s defense. A beautiful, well-put huck from Baby Belle’s Lula Dutille to Rebecca Monnin in the end zone brought the game to half.

As a team, Baby Belle was patient and highly skilled, and played at a level much like the older ICC teams had played the day before. The game was an easy win for Baby Belle, who won 15-5 over Rip Tide, securing them a place in the finals.

On the other side of the semifinals, the Triangle Kitty Hawks played against Seattle Insidious. Due to the wind, both teams were mostly playing zone. The Kitty Hawks were effective in breaking the Insidious zone, with Harper Baer being a key part of their success. Baer was always open in the middle and gave the Kitty Hawks’ handlers many opportunities to move the disc up the field. The game was a close one, and although the Kitty Hawks did well against the Insidious zone defense, it wasn’t enough. Insidious took the game 13-10, beating the Kitty Hawks and moving on to the finals.

Seattle Insidious and Cincinnati Baby Belle faced off in the U-17 girls’ final later that day. Baby Belle was extremely dominant on the field and took half 8-3. Baby Belle played well, bringing many well-executed plays they had shown during the semis into the finals. With incredibly accurate hucks and a lot of patience with the disc, Baby Belle made history as the first non-Seattle team to win it all in the U-17 girls’ division, beating Insidious 10-6.


All of the U-20 girls’ semifinals and the championship final were incredibly tight, but the Triangle Warhawks ultimately pulled ahead of all the other teams to secure their second consecutive title as the U-20 girls’ champions.

The Warhawks’ first game of the day was against Seattle Sauce. It was a close game, and the teams were evenly matched. They were neck and neck until the Warhawks scored three breaks in a row, securing their victory over Seattle, 15-10. Margaret Barry and Kate Lanier were formidable for the Warhawks; both of them proved to be incredibly reliable players and scored many points for the Warhawks during the semifinal.

D.C. Rogue took on the Bay Area’s California Current on the other side of the semifinals. It was another close game, and the score went back and forth between the two. When D.C. Rogue took half, the score was 8-7. D.C. Rogue got one break during each half of the game, which brought them into the finals 13-11. Lauren Carothers-Liske from California Current played phenomenally, with five goals and three assists, meaning she was directly involved in nearly 75 percent of the teams goals.

A rematch of last year’s U-20 girls’ final, the championship game between the Triangle Warhawks and D.C. Rogue was, like the semis, incredibly close. Rogue took the lead in the beginning of the game, but the Warhawks quickly came back, taking half 8-7. Rogue seemed to rely heavily on Ella Juengst, and for good reason. With her fast cuts and great field sense, Juengst was a force to be reckoned with. The Warhawks played very tight defense, which pressured Rogue to make decisions that allowed the Warhawks to regain possession of the disc, eventually giving them the lead they needed to win 14-11, securing their place as the 2018 YCC U-20 Girls’ Division Champions.

Very shortly, six of these women – Ella Juengst, Caroline Tornquist, Clil Phillips, Dawn Culton, Kate Lanier and Alyssa Erhardt – will get to play on the same side of the disc for a change, as they head to the World Junior Ultimate Championships together. Training camp for the U.S. U-20 National Teams starts this weekend, with WJUC kicking off in Toronto August 18. Stay tuned for coverage of your national teams!