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Team Biography

CUSB La Fotta was founded in 1992 by some Rimini (hometown of Paganello) players who came to Bologna for university. Since then, ultimate in Bologna has been growing exponentially, with a very young community of 500 players in the city and 10 teams. That happened thanks to the efforts of Davide Morri and all the CUSB organization (University Sport Center of Bologna), who go daily to the schools of the city to teach fundamentals and values of the sport.

La Fotta has won eight Italian Championships (seven of the last eight) and has always played many international tournaments, winning Tom’s Tourney five times and playing in the final at Windmill twice. La Fotta played in the final of Euros in 2015 and 2016, losing only to Clapham Ultimate in both seasons.

The average age of the team is under 24, and many members of the team will go to Perth to play at the U-24 World Championships in January.


Bologna, Italy

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