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Team Biography

Iceni is the U.K.’s premier women’s ultimate team and was London’s first geo women’s club. Formerly known as HRH, the club was the UK Women’s National Champion in 2004. The club had a name change to Iceni in early 2005 and has won the National Champion crown 11 times since its inception. We finished 11th in the 2014 World Ultimate Club Championships in Lecco and have medalled every year in the European Club Series, including seven gold medals.

The name Iceni is inspired by the legend of Boudicca from 60AD(ish). We love the tale of a powerful warrior princess leading an army of determined and intimidating Celts (mostly from the Iceni tribe) across the U.K. to wage war on the Romans – even though the Romans were far better trained and equipped!


London, UK

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