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International Club Championship


The U.S. Open Championships were first held in 2012, alongside the U.S. Open Convention. The event is an international affair where everyone in the ultimate community is welcome to meet, compete and learn.

In 2017, the U.S. Open was combined with the Youth Club Championships (YCC) and rebranded as the U.S. Open Club Championships. YCC has been held at the National Sports Center in Blaine, Minn., every year since it was founded in 2005. With the combination of the two events, the U.S. Open Club Championships is the single-biggest event run by USA Ultimate, with eight divisions, more than 100 teams and more than 3,000 athletes.

USA Ultimate announced that the U.S. Open Club Championships, one of ultimate’s flagship events on the domestic calendar, will be returning to Aurora, Colorado in 2024.

Past Champions

Year Champion Runner-up Location
2023 - Men's New York PoNY DC Truck Stop Aurora, CO
2023 - Mixed Philadelphia AMP Seattle BFG Aurora, CO
2023 - Women's DC Scandal San Francisco Fury Aurora, CO
2022 - Men's DC Truck Stop Denver Johnny Bravo Blaine, MN
2022 - Mixed Philadelphia AMP Madison NOISE Blaine, MN
2021 - Men's Seattle Sockeye Chicago Machine Blaine, MN
2019 - Men's Seattle Sockeye New York PoNY Blaine, MN
2019 - Mixed Minneapolis Drag'n Thrust Seattle Mixtape Blaine, MN
2019 - Women's Boston Brute Squad Colombia Revolution Blaine, MN
2018 - Men's New York PoNY Minneapolis Sub Zero Blaine, MN
2018 - Mixed Philadelphia AMP Seattle BFG Blaine, MN
2018 - Women's Boston Brute Squad San Francisco Fury Blaine, MN
2017 - Men's Seattle Sockeye San Francisco Revolver Blaine, MN
2017 - Mixed Seattle Mixtape Minneapolis Drag'n Thrust Blaine, MN
2017 - Women's Colombia Revolution Denver Molly Brown Blaine, MN
2016 - Men's Chicago Machine Seattle Sockeye Kingston, RI
2016 - Mixed Boston Slow White Seattle Mixtape Kingston, RI
2016 - Women's Boston Brute Squad Seattle Riot Kingston, RI
2015 - Men's San Francisco Revolver Toronto GOAT West Chester, OH
2015 - Mixed Melbourne Ellipsis Seattle Mixtape West Chester, OH
2015 - Women's San Francisco Fury Seattle Riot West Chester, OH
2014 - Men's San Francisco Revolver Denver Johnny Bravo Blaine, MN
2014 - Mixed San Francisco Polar Bears Minneapolis Drag'n Thrust Blaine, MN
2014 - Women's Seattle Riot Boston Brute Squad Blaine, MN
2013 - Men's San Francisco Revolver Boston Ironside Raleigh, NC
2013 - Mixed Montreal Odyssee San Francisco Mischief Raleigh, NC
2013 - Women's San Francisco Fury Washington, DC Scandal Raleigh, NC
2012 - Men's Denver Johnny Bravo Atlanta Chain Lightning Colorado Springs, CO
2012 - Mixed San Francisco Polar Bears Boston Slow White Colorado Springs, CO
2012 - Women's Seattle Riot Washington, DC Scandal Colorado Springs, CO